Cloud Communications

Want greater productivity? We have your solution!

With our business cloud technology, your communication network comes preloaded with Fortune 500 features sure to give you greater productivity right away. End user licensing comes equipped with a desk phone, voicemail, auto-attendant, conference bridge (up to 20 parties), call routing features to enhance productivity, automatic call distribution (ACD), and a huge cost saver is you become the administrator of your telecommunications platform through an online portal. Using today’s technology, you can forget about challenging installations, difficult setups, or annoying ongoing maintenance issues, maintenance contracts or dedicated “rotary lines, T1 lines or Primary Rate Interface (PRI)” for voice communications; all these cost factors become an up to 30% cost savings passed on to your organization. With our "Plug & Talk" technology, it’s incredibly fast and easy to get your system setup and running.

ACD comes standard with our cloud solution. Supervisor listening, barge and whisper features are also standard. A robust reporting package for monitoring staffing and call productivity can be added. If collaboration is a need of your organization, add our online meeting/conferencing tool that seamlessly integrates with our communication platform. With today’s mobile workforce, we can provide a cell phone application which allows your users to BYOD (bring your own device) yet gives you the ability to monitor their activity to ensure their BYOD is being used for business purposes during business hours. Our browser-based unified communications tool provides a screen pop to any URL-based CRM and outbound dialing for computer telephony integration applications to enhance productivity. We also offer optional call recording and storage needs, text messaging, and so much more. Should you opt to use our online faxing we also provide a BAA for HIPAA compliance.

Our Cloud-based telecom solution is one of the best ways to upgrade security and reliability. Every unique function in the system (hardware & software) is discrete, redundant, and load balanced. We use carrier-grade equipment that greatly outperforms what you would typically deploy in-house, and our engineering team monitors and maintains everything, even while you sleep. If security is important, it’s time to upgrade to the Cloud and save!