The logos above are representative of contracts awarded and/or subcontracted to Eagle TG. Their use does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by the agencies represented.

Our Customers

We serve a diverse range of programs across the Department of Defense (DoD), various Government agencies, and commercial sectors. We have a solid and established reputation for partnering with customers to deliver highly effective, mission and business-focused administrative, IT, and telecommunication solutions. With roots deeply entrenched in a commitment to impeccable service, our reputation for fostering collaborative relationships with our clients is second to none.


Eagle TG believes collaboration and communication are key elements to successful partnerships. Our approach towards collaboration, communication, and problem-solving within a multi-stakeholder environment is transparency. We operate in a very transparent environment because it enables openness and allows communication to flow while instilling trust. This business is a competitive environment, but being transparent, collaborative, and communicative across the team enables the group to leverage the knowledge, strengths, and weaknesses of each teammate, which in-turn helps foster trust and most importantly, builds the best team for the customer.

We stand behind our Quality Statement, “Eagle TG is committed to meeting our customers’ needs, including regulatory requirements, and to continually improving the performance of quality management system and service delivery.” It is not about Eagle TG – it is always about our customer. Our company does not just take on opportunities; instead, we evaluate the needs of the customer and if we can expertly complete the tasks, we perform those tasks. If we cannot expertly perform the task(s), we will either pass the opportunity to a partner who has the expertise and introduce them, or in the case where we have the expertise to do a portion of the work but not all tasks, we will collaborate and partner with a company who has expertise on the task(s) we are unable to perform at an expert level.

Our Communities

Joint Base San Antonio

With our headquarters in New Braunfels, Texas we proudly serve the Joint Base San Antonio military community including Randolph, Lackland, and Fort Sam Houston offering tailored IT and telecommunications solutions that meet the unique demands of military operations. Our experienced team, equipped with cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of military needs, ensures secure, efficient, and reliable services. At Eagle TG, we’re not just serving clients; we’re serving comrades.

Scott Air Force Base

We have a satellite office in O’Fallon, Illinois which enables us to take pride in serving the Scott Air Force Base and US Transportation Command community. Our Veterans, with their unique experiences and deep understanding of military operations, provide unparalleled IT and telecommunications solutions tailored to the specific needs of these critical defense hubs. We’re more than a service provider; we’re a partner, dedicated to empowering the missions of those who protect our nation.