Eagle TG gives you access to the world’s leading integration technologies and one of the technologies we truly believe in is WSO2. We are a Platinum WSO2 Value Added Reseller (VAR) in North America and can assist commercial, education, state, and federal customers in their acquisition of WSO2 products and services. Contact us at to learn more information.

Why WSO2?

Well known by professional developers who take advantage of SOA (software-oriented architectures), WSO2 is a company that develops open-source applications and is an enterprise platform that, in addition to offering total integration, allows consumers to use it to create, integrate, manage, protect, and analyze their APIs, applications and web services. WSO2 also offers IoT and Cloud solutions tailored to every need. WSO2 products are designed to provide the necessary innovation and agility for the web of systems of any business or environment to be efficient. All products have been designed with the purpose of accompanying the digital transformation and are 100% open source. Furthermore, they stand out due to their compatibility with other components thanks to the extensive use of open communication standards and work perfectly well with each other as a single platform. The most important sets of products are as follows:

API Management

The WSO2 API Management (APIM) suite enables consumers to build a digital base for the development and management of external and internal APIs, as well as increase internal agility by rapidly generating digital assets. The APIM suite takes advantage of the prior digital structure and protects it from possible external threats, and it also fosters an outstanding user experience for customers and encourages data-based decision making.

Identity Server

The WSO2 Identity Server (IS) suite adds a security layer to your existing IT infrastructure while making your business processes run smoothly. The IS suite combines safety with usability to connect to new applications whenever it’s needed, and guards dataflows so that only the right users/applications gain access to the right systems. This provides businesses/environments with a fast, flexible, and trustworthy source that is prepared for anything, every day.

Enterprise Integration

The WSO2 Enterprise Integration (EI) suite is a platform to enable a digital business or environment which uses ‘micro-services’ and ‘micro-integrations’ and facilitates connections among several digital assets of the company and its business partners in a simple manner. The EI suite optimizes processes and reduces costs, takes advantage of cost savings provided by the cloud, seizes innovations allowing the creation of new digital assets and integrates legacy systems. This enables the setup of a business or environment that adapts with agility to changing circumstances.

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